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Today is Saturday, 6/15/2024, 5:53:33

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15. 6. 2024


Day temperatures 22/26°C, around 1000m 11°C.


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Let´s go around the mountain chalets

The route does not have any special marking, it is numbered using usual numbers - the numbers are listed in the description of the cycling path below. 
 You can visit many of the original mountain chalets in Beskydy Mountains on this route and use facilities they offer for your refreshment or accommodation. This is a more challenging route with a length of 58.2 km, which is intended for cyclists on mountain bikes.  The route goes along the Czech part of the Euroregion on marked cycling routes Regiotour no. 56, 6081, 6082, 6083, 6086, 6088. The route starts in Jablunkov then it continues through picturesque valleys  to the chalets of Beskydy Mountains.


Course of the route

0 km          Jablunkov - starting point of the route, a popular tourist destination, you can find here Town information centre and exhibition of Museum Těšínska (no.56, no.6081)

4.2 km       Dolní Lomná (mlýny) - interesting place to see is primeval forest Mionší situated between Horní a Dolní Lomná and its 7 km long educational path (no.6082)

16.8 km      Kolářova chalet Slavíč – touristic chalet built in 1931, which was often visited by P. Bezruč in 1940's (no.6082,)
17.8 km      Babí vrch (no.6083)

21.5 km      Touristic chalet Ostrý – on the southern slope of Ostrý mountain there is a touristic chalet built in 1945 (no.6083)

26.5 km       Mountain chalet Kozinec – pleasant trip destination, nice views of the town of Třinec and its surroundings, an alternative to our route is no.56 and 6151 to Třinec – 9 km, (no.6083)

28.6 km      Oldřichovice - (no.56) continue along the 2nd class road (yellow marked path)  and route no. 6088 to Hrádek 
36.2 km      Hrádek – natural formation Bełko, and relatively protracted hill to the Hrádek chalet (no.6088)
39.5 km      Na Grůni chalet – chalet with a lot of facilities, nice views of the surroundings (no.6088, no.6086)

47.5 km      Filipka touristic chalet– family business chalet offering nice atmosphere, local food specialties, near to location with rich occurrence of common juniper, meeting point of three municipalities (no.6086)
 47.5 km      Bahenec resort – a lot of facilities available, nice views of Těšín Beskydy, in case of good weather you can see even Malá Fatra and West Tatras (no.6086)

54.2 km       Písek (no.56)