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Today is Sunday, 8/14/2022, 22:47:40

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14. 8. 2022


Day temperatures 26/30°C, around 1000m 11°C.
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The entertainment area Ameryka

Ameryka entertainment land is in part Žihla and offers a complete summer program for all lovers of summer fun. You can ride a water slide, enjoy the adrenaline in the rope centre or test your ability to overcome rope obstacles between trees in the adjacent forest. For young guests there is a little easier climbing centre with a pyramid and tunnel. If the climbing centre stretched your nerves to breaking point visit the green-golf which will help you to find your balance back. There is a restaurant, cafeteria and in the immediate vicinity a bowling with another restaurant and garden.

For lovers of ball games a pitch with artificial surface is available. The pitch is situated 400 metres further next to a primary school at Lesní street.