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Visit three countries in one day

The route does not have any special marking, it is numbered using usual numbers - the numbers are listed in the description of the cycling path below. 

The location of Těšín Silesia Euroregion enables you to visit three countries in one day - The Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia.  You can see interesting architectural, natural and cultural monuments. 
This is a fairly difficult 77,9 km long route, which runs along the marked cycling routes Regiotour, on the Czech side routes no. 56, 561 and 6081, on Polish no. 125Z, on Slovak side it is part of cycling route Kysucká arterial. The route begins in Jablunkov, leads to the border with Poland and then Slovakia.

Course of route

0 km        Jablunkov – not only the square with a fountain, but also the Renaissance parish church of Corpus Christi rebuilt in Neo-Gothic style, the town hall building and the park with arboretum near the lung sanatorium are worth seeing (no.56)

5.3 km     Bukovec – particularly the traditional wooden folk architecture (no.561)

10.9 km   Hrčava - Wooden church of St.Cyril and Methodius, the easternmost municipality of the Czech Republic, Three granite monoliths symbolize the border of three countries, border crossing with Poland (no.125Z)

15.2 km   Jaworzynka – Regional museum „Na Grapie“, folk architecture, border crossing with Slovakia, alternative to this route is blue and then green marked route, which leads to the locality „Za Črchlou“ - Slovakia (no.125Z)

21.4 km    Wierch Czadeczka – along the 2nd class road and blue marked route we get to Zwardon

26.4 km    Zwardoń – tourist resort, nice views of the surrounding area, a large number of churches and chapels, border crossing with Slovakia (Kysucká arterial)

27.4 km    Serafinov – beautiful area of the Kysucké Beskydy

33 km       Skalité – church of St. John the Baptist from 1794, four wind power plants, less difficult is the route to Čadca if you get around „Tri kopce“

40.5 km     Za Črchlou“

49.3 km    Čadca – geological rarity are stone balls in part of the town Megoňky, plenty of mineral springs, Kysucké museum 

62.2 km    Privárovci – Kysucká arterial goes along with 2nd class road, after leaving Privárovce it is necessary to use this road to reach the border crossing with the Czech Republic (no. 561)

64.5 km   Mosty u Jablunkova (Šance) – remains of the massive renaissance fortification from the 16th century called  Šance  (no.6081, no.56)

77.9 km   Jablunkov